An Unforgettable Corporate Gift

Gift napEazy ergonomic pillow to your employees or clients

Corporate gifting is a time-honored management tradition. An art we have attempted to perfect yet can't seem to master. 

Sometimes the humanness of the process is lost in a babble of junk labeled with false sentiment. 

How do you convey to your clients and employees that you care about them?

You show them. 

Not with mugs, bags, or t-shirts with variations of the words; you are fantastic, but with gifts of real value. 

Here is what people are receiving as corporate gifts. 

Accept napEazy and Reject boring corporate gifting

They all say the same thing - we had a budget, it was gifting season, we took a run to the store last minute, and here is your gift. 

What if you did things differently? 

Step 1 - Significant event theme 

What was a significant event this year that moved your organization or all the people in your network? It could be anything, a problem, or crossing a huge milestone. Take that and reference it in your gifts. 

It sounds more complicated than it is. Last year was an example—the pandemic. 

Step 2 - Be sensitive to people's needs

If you're gifting your friend and he/she is forgetful. A watch or an organizer planner is a thoughtful gift. You can see their face light up as they realize you care about them, and it showed. 

During the pandemic, people started working from home. They spent twice the amount of time sitting down now. What effects will this have on their health? 

Suppose you gift your clients and employees a pillow, cushion, stand, or other product to improve their home ergonomics. In that case, it sends a very different message. Products like napEazy come under this classification. Its ergonomic design is helpful to maintain good posture while you work. 

Download the catalog from here.

Step 3 - Set a budget 

Next, you need to set a limit per head on your cost of gifting. Find a balance between price-sensitive products that still show someone you care. 

In the end, corporate gifting is about building relationships, and you need something to capture that emotion. Your clients and employees need to feel like you understood the challenges they faced, and this gift is a way of acknowledging them. Furthermore, it helps boost your morale, knowing there's someone in your corner. 

For these reasons, consider napEazy® for corporate gifting. It appropriately solves any working individual's problems—both during work and commute, a kind of multipurpose pillow. It launched in May 2020 on Kickstarter and became highly successful, crossing 1000% of its funding goal. 

For people like you and me sitting for long hours, we need something to help our posture. Anyone gifting me napEazy® has thought about what I would use it for, and it reinforces our relationship. 

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