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napEazy Ergonomic pillow - qtee panda
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napEazy is powered by Biocrystals - stress relief technology
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napEazy Travel Pillow - Qtee Panda

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Monochrome, solitary, daytime napper, here is a pillow in the spirit of the most cuddly bear.

We bring comfort to you in the form of this innovative ergonomic pillow with a patented design.

Hallmarks of napEazy®:

  • The durable telescopic channel made of high-grade aluminum
  • Water Repellant Fabric
  • Antimicrobial foam
  • Antifungal foam and cover
  • Hypoallergenic cover
  • Dual-Layer memory foam for superior comfort 

napEazy Ergonomic Multipurpose Pillow - Testimonial

Biocrystal® variant - biocrystals are naturally sourced and ground in a unique scientific formula by Biocrystal® Technologies. They are proven to reduce stress and fatigue and increase energy flow in your body, resulting in better sleep. 

Here is a size guide to choose the right napEazy® for you:
For a height up to 5.5 feet, the standard napEazy® would be ideal.
For a height greater than 5.5 feet, the large napEazy® would be ideal.

Package Includes - 

1 X napEazy® pillow + 1 X Extra Cover + 1 X Drawstring Bag 

The price of napEazy® ergonomic pillow is the same irrespective of the size you choose. It is inclusive of all taxes (even GST).

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