napEazy Travel Pillow - Smokey Kiwi
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napEazy ergonomic pillow_smokey kiwi_wall rest position
napEazy ergonomic pillow_smokey kiwi_for back support
napeazy ergonomic pillow powered by biocrystals stress relief technology
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napeazy ergonomic pillow - features
napeazy ergonomic pillow _dimensions of large napeazy
Dimensions of standard napeazy ergonomic pillow
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napEazy Travel Pillow - Smokey Kiwi

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The smokey grey ashes of burnt firewood fused with the kiwi fruit's subtle green make this iconic pillow. 

We bring comfort to you in the form of this innovative ergonomic pillow with a patented design.

Hallmarks of napEazy®:

  • The durable telescopic channel made of high-grade aluminum
  • Water Repellant Fabric
  • Antimicrobial foam
  • Antifungal foam and cover
  • Hypoallergenic cover
  • Dual-Layer memory foam for superior comfort 

napEazy Ergonomic Multipurpose Pillow - Testimonial

Biocrystal® are naturally sourced and ground in a unique scientific formula by Biocrystal® Technologies. They are proven to reduce stress and fatigue and increase energy flow in your body, resulting in better sleep. 

Here is a size guide to choose the right napEazy® for you:

For a maximum height of 5.5 feet, the standard napEazy® would be ideal.

For a height greater than 5.5 feet, the large napEazy® would be ideal.

Package Includes - 

1 X napEazy® pillow + 1 X Extra Cover + 1 X Drawstring Bag 

The price of napEazy® ergonomic pillow is the same irrespective of the size you choose. It is inclusive of all taxes (even GST).

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